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Parkers Comedy Proves a Comedy Hit.

Parkers Comedy Proves a Comedy Hit. 


It was a pleasant summers Sunday evening on the 29th July and Prestige chauffeur organisation, Parkers were commencing the preparation for an evening of champagne, laughter and canopies.

This was an evening to remember, with an aurora of celebration in the air as the guest list brought together the regions leading individuals proudly representing there respective prominent organisations. It provided an opportunity to celebrate the Parkers experience with our most loyal patrons as well as collectively acknowledge the prevalent pride within the North East Business community.

As the evening commenced our guests were mesmerised by the beautiful view from our temporary office location as the sun beamed down onto the water of the mouth of the tyne. Simultaneously this twinkled the reflections of the Baltic Towers buildings and the original Baltic building was oxidising its exteriors radiancy and splendour as the champagne, canopies and conversation were flowing collectively.

It was then time for the guests to be transported to the city’s most dramatic and vibrant venue the Sage for the concluding evening of the Newcastle Gateshead Comedy Festival starring Lee Ridley aka ‘Lost Voice Guy’ and Craig Campbell heralded by the Edinburgh Evening News as ‘Bringing a tale to life like a young Billy Connolly’.

It will be no surprise to you that upon hearing such praise all of the guests of chauffeur car organisation Parkers were eagerly anticipating Craig Campbell’s set response to the above proclamations.

The evenings entertainment commenced with Lee Ridley aka ‘Lost Voice Guy‘ unique set delivered through an application on his I-Pad. This consisted of an array of amusing experiences being shared on life as the ‘Lost Voice Guy’ much to the audiences amusement and joy throughout the duration of the set.

For the duration of the half time interval the Parkers guests congregated together to enjoy a drink and acknowledge the sheer splendour of the evenings surroundings as well as utilising the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions of the first half comedy sequence on the social media platform of  Twitter.

Little over fifteen minutes later and It would be fair to credit and acknowledge Craig Campbell’s set as bright and vibrant as the summers outfit he displayed. The second half sequence commenced with an innovative look at Parkers Executive Chauffeur’s services. Delivered through Campbell’s unique style that lead to the Edinburgh Evening News assertion being justified within moments of the delivery on the stage.

Little over 50 minutes later and the evenings comedy had concluded. All that remained was for the Parkers Mini coach to depart from the sage to return our wonderful clients safely to our temporary office car park. This was conducted in a matter of minutes and so farewells were exchanged with the Parkers team already discussing how and when to embark upon another prestigious Parkers corporate event.

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